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Demeada Williams, MA, BS Founder and Executive Director

1st Impression


Williams earned a Master of Arts in Adult Education from Ball State University and a Bachelor of Science Psychology with a minor in Addiction Counseling from Martin University.  Her passion to improve the quality of life of men, women, children, and rebuild families spans a career, more than 30 years, working in social services.  

While attending a “Changing Careers” workshop, Williams heard several of the male participants discuss losing their job and not having the resources to purchase a suit or business casual attire to wear to interviews. It was in this moment, she decided to take a leap of faith and become part of the solution. As a result, 1st Impression emerged. The name came about because Williams recognizes the importance of the first impression and how it must be your best impression. Our first impression must be our BEST impression to be successful in many facets of life.  

After conducting some research and thinking about her years as a Case Manager and how she struggled to find resources for men, she realized there were no organizations serving men which provided them with business attire.  She immediately made requests for donations on social media platforms such as: Black Dolla Indy, Facebook and NextDoor and the outpouring of support was overwhelming and welcome resulting in tears of joy! She also received donations from department stores, family, and friends.

Thousands of men are released from jails and prisons every year and begin seeking employment. On the road to recovery, many do not have professional attire for job interviews. Men released from incarceration often find difficulty securing employment and housing after being released from prison. There is  a stigma which follows formerly incarcerated individuals  in the job market, and not having the proper interview attire adds to that stigma.

1st Impression is in the early stages and will continue to grow. In its full inception the program will also provide resume building workshops, mock interviews, and recovery/substance abuse disorder information all of which, paired with a nice suit, will make a great first impression on employers.  

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